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Full carbon and titanium Terimgnoni system with a titanium header and carbon heat shield.

Weighs in at only 1.4 kilos!

Complete system fits the new 300RR models!!

Currently not on the shelf but to order

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Full titanium exhaust system made by Mitani Japan.

Option 1 comes complete with the carbon fibre rear sleeve in black and front heat shield in carbon.

Option 2 is for sytem only no covers.

Silver sleeve available to order

Weight 1470 grams.


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As used by Dougie & Fujigas on the Factory team bikes. A longer rear silencer by 26mm to give better bottom end power. Fits straight on with no modification needed to replace the standard model.

Currently to order!

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Titanium collector by by Mitani japan.

27mm diameter and will fit all models from 2009 - 2016 including the rr

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Completely reworked system specially for the 300rr.

28mm diameter right the way through from the header to through the silencer.

Complete with carbon fibre rear silencer cover also. 

Amazing saving on weight and sounds sweet.

Currently to order, around 1 week delivery.

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Full system designed and ready to go for the 4rt, all models. (if pre 09 you will need the newer airbox bracket, supplied in options)

Front header is stainless steel and rear is stainless and alloy.

A performance exhaust system from Italy and at a fantastic price.

Designed to improve power and fully dyno tested. 

The two pictures show the system before the rear silencer cover is fitted. You can of course run without one

There is a video of the system running courtesy of Sam on the Facebook page here... 


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